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Southern California Wedding Photographers

We enjoy getting to know and photographing engaged couples in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and the rest of Southern California.

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Erin and Ethan Are Engaged

Gabriel Ryan

You know he is single, right? her friend leaned over to mention as they sat together that Sunday morning. Erin smiled to herself at the comment of her friend and at the end of service that day one of the pastor’s announced that new lifegroups were going to be launched with signups directly following the service. Erin and her friend stepped into the foyer and found their way to the tables with the signup sheets. The two were split by the crowd when Erin’s friend cried out across the group…

His group is still open!

Erin sheepishly walked over to the table, hoping that nobody was able to piece together her friends cryptic yet loud announcement. She scrawled her name down on the list and the rest… as they say… is history. History yet to be made that is.

Ethan still had no idea what was about to happen, and in all honesty neither did Erin. But after the two of them met in those first few group meetings, their chemistry bred an attraction that has now brought them to pledge their life and their love to one another.

I can’t think of a better way to start the new year then with a selection from their engagement shoot. Erin and Ethan will tie the knot in less than a month, and I can’t wait to see the history that is written as their story continues to unfold.

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Cheyenne and Sean Are Engaged

Gabriel Ryan

Theirs was a different kind of long distance relationship. When boy met girl, it was while they were travlling long distances together.

Cheyenne had left home to travel the world, and her talents as a dancer landed her on the proverbial bus of a traveling musical theatre group. The thought of performing, acting as a real life working artist, and doing it all while traveling the world, was intoxicating. Meeting The (with a capital ‘T’) man of her dreams was the last priority on her bucket list as she joined the crew.

But, when she met the stage hand from Florida, she was intrigued. It turns out this boy had a name… his name was Sean… and though she probably didn’t know it just yet, he would be The One.

Years later, here we our, our paths crossed much thanks to this wonderful industry. Cheyenne is a professional photographer and Carlie & I feel fortunate enough to have connected thru mutual friends in the industry. It’s always an honor when someone picks you to shoot their wedding, especially a colleague. So, this time, it is Cheyenne’s turn to be on the other side of the lens, and we couldn’t help but share a handful of favorites from their engagement shoot.

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Venice Beach Engagement Photography - Steph and Bobby

Gabriel Ryan

when the random boy walked up to steph that day on the beach and ever-so-innocently invited her to play a little smash ball with him, and a ‘yeah… sure’ slipped out of her lips, she surprised even herself with the response and had no idea that a few years later that random boy on the beach with the smash ball would be her husband.

but then again, the obvious story is never quite as exciting, and steph and bobby’s story is definitely an exciting one.

smash ball led to the first date… the first, to a second… and on and on, until steph and bobby found themselves ready to start their life together as man and wife.

when steph called us up and mentioned that she plans parties for a living… like legitimate academy-awards-after-parties, i realized that the bar would be set high, and we can’t wait for their big day at calamigos later this summer. for now, you’ll have to enjoy a few photos of this incredible couple, all within walking distance from their ocean-view apartment in venice beach, california.

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Orange County Engagement Photography - Danita and Andrew

Gabriel Ryan

earlier this year, carlie & i kicked off the 2012 wedding season with a fabulous wedding 34-stories above the los angeles skyline. and it was at stephanie and rusty’s wedding that our path crossed with danita and andrew for the first time. the following week, danita reached out to let us know that she was planning on tying the knot later in the year and after meeting up for coffee with her and andrew, we were given the honor and invitation to photograph their wedding, too.

fast forward a few more weeks, we set up the engagement shoot. andrew had mentioned that he owns a bike shop that customizes and modifies scooters, so when it came time to bring out some of their story in their engagement photos, of course he had to bring a couple of bikes along. and when andrew and danita pulled up with two scooters in the back of andrew’s truck, the cool-factor set in.

they’re custom. they’re cool. and they’re built for speed.

we spent the afternoon cruising one of my favorite local wilderness parks, and we had to grab a couple of road-shots with danita and andrew and their toys.

i can’t wait for their wedding later this year. for now, meet danita and andrew!

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An Engagement Shoot in Oregon - Amy and Jeff

Gabriel Ryan

nobody remembers which side won that night… but then again, for most students, college football is more about the social game then the one on the field.

jeff was recent grad from the oregon college while amy was completing her undergrad, and the two had mutual friends. it was only a matter a time before the two crossed paths, and it is no surprise that it first happened under those friday night lights.

so, when we met over coffee to discuss their wedding this summer at the montage in laguna beach, i was thrilled when amy & jeff shared that they might want to do their engagement shoot up in the great northwest.

sure enough, i hopped on a plane for portland, and made the brief trek down to corvallis, oregon, home of the beavers. and after spending some time cruising the campus, we took the scenic route to newport, oregon, amy’s home town.

after getting to know amy & jeff just a bit more during my trip to oregon, i can tell you i am even more excited than before, for their sure-to-be-rockin’ wedding coming up later this summer!

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